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Hide and seek

Who doesn't love to find the right object to store away what otherwise would be flying around the house? Who doesn't love to open one specific door, pull out the right drawer and find what you are looking for? We surely love organising spaces and are constantly optimising our ideal options. The perfect designs are already waiting for you to browse through.

Staging your books and hiding the cables 

Storage is not just storage but rather a very broad topic when it comes to furniture. We took that into consideration while designing the perfect solutions for each household. 

Storing away doesn't just mean to hide but it can be the opposite like our bookcases that will show each item and allow your book and vinyl collection to merge into the overall setting of your home. Something you want to hide though are the cables and wires that connect your TV so we thought about that and came out with media units and TV stands that are not only incredibly helpful to cover up what does not need to be seen but also look elegant at the same time. We like to give meaning to each piece which is why we designed many different ones for you to choose from. You should also check out our classy meets modern cabinets - maybe your new favourite piece?

Practical storage solutions for everyday life 

Living in Europe comes with four seasons and for us, in the UK this means we have to be ready at any given time to just pull out that raincoat and scarf. Whether it's the bench in your entryway that holds your shoes and coats or the ottoman which acts as a central piece of cosiness and at the same time functions as an invisible storage option. Don't worry if you don't want to store away everything - placing your warm woollen throw on one of our beloved sofas, not only looks inviting to cuddle up in it after that long walk you just got back from, but also serves to create a cosy atmosphere. 

Storage comes in every size and shape

We believe that even storage boxes can be used to create a special something. If you have a small living room and still need inspiration for functional furniture and storage ideas,  a set of industrial metal boxes could not just hold your extra pillows and blankets but also serve as a desk, the perfect spot for your plants or vinyl player. 

The same counts for the bedroom where many of us tend to leave books, a glass of water and other indispensable items for the perfect sleep, next to our bed - always in reach. If the sight of it doesn't appeal to you, simply choose a bedside table to organise everything a little more - sweet dreams!