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Kitchen Storage

Nostalgic memories meet the present

Maybe your grandparents had one of the kitchen cupboards with glass windows in their home, showing the delicate porcelain that was only used for special occasions. Maybe you have always dreamed of continuing that tradition and to finally own your own cupboard for the many candle holders, ceramic plates and other delightful objects that you want to see but also protect from clumsy guests or dogs chasing around the house. 

The place to hold your beloved as well as practical objects 

We also have always dreamed of such objects and that is why we designed them for you.

Our kitchen storage collection has different pieces that will be the tip of the iceberg, once added to your home. Some of the pieces come with integrated drawers which you can use for your favourite cutlery or the collection of napkins that your mother gifts you each Christmas. Of course, not all of our cabinets and cupboards come with glass, we also decided to use natural materials such as rattan and shelves without any doors so you can easily reach out for your favourite coffee mug each morning. We are also aware that not every single item in the kitchen is always a beautifully designed piece and sometimes form has to follow function. In our case, we wanted to also design cabinets that will simply hide containers and boxes. The right one is just a click away!

Kitchen and dining room

If your kitchen doesn't have any space for additional objects, you could also place one next to the dinner table and style your dining room with the perfect furniture. A sideboard for instance could be the right height to also serve as a buffet for guests to arrange one's plate with apple crumble, Victoria sponge and carrot cake. 

If you love dinner sets as much as we do, be careful not to lose yourself in euphoria once you browse through the plates and bowls that come in every shade of colour and shape - taking our breath away every time we look at them.

Practicality meets aesthetics 

Something often overseen but still very important is a good looking bin. The time has long passed where the look of the bin came secondary. We believe you don't have to choose between practicality and aesthetics which is why we designed our own range of bins. Your kitchen won't be the same once the right storage arrives on your doorstep, ready to join the rest of your home.