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Storage is never just storage

Thankfully finding good looking solutions for storing away your belongings, has never been easier. Most of us are confronted with daily missions to find the keys, glasses or simply the other sock that we were sure we had left with its matching twin. Well, what would you say if we tell you that the daily paper chase might be over? 

We designed the perfect objects to prevent any unnecessary chaos, giving each item its right place and transforming your space into a calm oasis.

The moment a laundry basket becomes a design piece 

One of the rather unpleasant things to deal with is the dirty laundry that needs to sit and wait until the pile has come big enough to put it into the washing machine. Why not transform the pile of clothes into a beautiful object with our laundry baskets? Also, we love to use as many boxes as possible as we staple them onto each other - not to recreate the leaning tower of Pisa but rather to have a playful solution to organising your surrounding. It could be the perfect place to leave your winter coats once summer comes and just the right spot to store away the easter rabbits that you don’t want to leave out until Christmas.

We also love objects on display 

And while storing away things comes in handy, we also love to show our favourite pieces. A garment rack is the perfect example of a stylish object to hold your favourite outfit that you want out on display or to simply leave your raincoat on, always in reach once it starts drizzling. P.S. Some of them also come with mirrors attached so you can quickly take a look at yourself before leaving the house. 

Hide and find 

One of the first things that comes into one’s mind when looking for a place to leave the extra blankets and pillows, will be a cupboard with doors that close and hide what doesn’t need to be shown. Cupboards are our speciality - have you seen how many styles and variations we have? Something for your home is just a click away and a stylish alternative to missing basements or attics that your city flat might not have. Whether you add it to your living room or kitchen, bedroom or entryway - it not only makes life easier but also adds that bit of extra design for an affordable price.