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Metal Console Tables

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Heavy metal? Not so much...

There's nothing heavy about our collection of metal console tables and metal hall tables. If you've never thought of owning one, let us walk you through their most valuable features. Here's one: picture yourself arriving home, shopping, keys and phone in hand. You just about manage to open the door and struggle through without letting your pup out. Where to drop your stuff without the dog stealing your groceries? You've got it: on a sturdy metal console table.

Hard as nails for high-traffic areas

One of our top picks for high-traffic hallways and entranceways has to be a metal frame console table. That's because hallways are the places where people congregate - especially kids with their scooters, football kit and whatnot - and metal works hard to withstand wear and tear. And metal may be rough and tough, but it's elegant too – another reason we're recommending you consider a metal console table. Add a sturdy glass top to the mix and you've got a piece of furniture that'll handle hot coffee cups and knocks and bumps without losing its good looks. Job done.

Versatile and shape-shifting metal

Another reason metal's our number-one choice for console tables: whatever your chosen design scheme, it always works. If you're going industrial and thinking about shelving or light fixtures to complete the look, then a metal console table placed in an entranceway is one of the most effective ways to set the scene. Or, if you're going for an upscale, contemporary look, then rest assured – our metal frame console tables will sit alongside modern textiles and timbers without missing a beat. Our top tip? Combine a metal hall table with a little accent chair for coats, scarves, or a rest when you get in. You can thank us later.

Create a curated wall of favourites

Few things say 'welcome home' more than the smiling face of a loved one and, in our opinion, a great feature of a metal hall table is its clean lines which provide an elegant backdrop for photos of family and friends. Build yourself a gallery of your favourite people in your hallway so they're the first thing you see when you arrive back at base. Just add a little desk light strategically placed to shine a spotlight on their faces at the flick of a switch.